En Fuego

Woke up this morning and I started thinking
What you would see when look down on me
Am I burning with passion that’s uplifting
Or am I simply freezing like a cold iced tea

And I know you’re watching over me
Do you like what you see inside of me
Do you like what you see when you look at me
Do I reflect all the qualities you want in me
I aspire and desire to ignite the fire
Between you and me, I want to be

En fuego, on fire for you
En fuego, on fire for you
Hasta luego, to the world and the cold
En fuego, on fire for you… caliente!

Was humbled and I felt like I was shrinking
As your presence brought me down onto my knees
Living for myself, what was I thinking
For my foolishness forgive me father please

En fuego, on fire, caliente, for Jesus!

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